Who I am

Hi, I’m Fiona, an ADHD Coach.

You could say I’ve been a ‘coach in training’ most of my life.

I was a sensitive child growing up in an Irish family where emotions were rarely discussed. This never sat well with me. Whenever I had the opportunity to share a deep, meaningful conversation with someone, I grabbed it with both hands. Even as a child, I would listen with empathy and connect with people in a powerful way. 

Back then, I didn’t know what coaching was. Now that I do, my values haven’t changed much. I believe in connection, compassion and personal growth. I want to be your dedicated cheerleader – the person in your life telling you anything is possible. 

Where I’ve Been

I’ve walked the path you’re on. I know how it feels to want more. And I know how hard it is to trust you deserve a different life.  

The seeds of my low self-esteem were planted early on, having undiagnosed ADHD meant I struggled to accept myself. Often people pleasing, over-committing and putting everyone else’s needs before my own. This ADHD burnout cycle carried on well into my 30’s.

Starting a family of my own shone a light on my childhood and the impact it had on my beliefs about the world and my place within it. Eventually, I met a Coach who helped me transform my life. With her guidance, I became aware of my ADHD and realised I could rewrite my story. I could learn to trust the part of myself that believed I was worthy and capable of more. I’ve wanted to create the same powerful experience for others ever since. 

What i do

What would it feel like to trust yourself completely? To listen to your intuition and move in the direction that feels right for you?

I’m a certified ADHD Coach. My reflective approach is designed to help you learn to get unstuck so you can reach where you want to be.

Whatever you’re asking, the answers are within you already. I’m just here to guide you in their direction and help you connect with your inner knowing. I’ll listen without judgement, encourage you to come to your own conclusions, and gently challenge you along the way.

With my support and encouragement, you’ll gain clarity about your purpose and direction in life, challenge limiting beliefs and free yourself from the negative patterns that have made you feel so stuck.

A few things you should know

I’m drawn to authenticity over superficial BS. I’d rather connect deeply or not at all.  

I enjoy reading, journaling, meditating, the moon, crystals, and singing!

My taste in music is pretty eclectic. You’ll find indie, rock, folk, Irish, country and pop on my favourite playlists. I’m also a lover of ADHD podcasts. 

My idea of a great night out is a ‘night in’ with a chinese take away’ on the sofa. Like many ADHDers I struggle with small talk so this is my idea of heaven 😉

I love anything Irish – Irish dancing, Irish music, Irish people. And yes, my favourite colour is green! I have a holiday home in the west of Ireland which I visit several times a year!

I used to be  a makeup artist and love good skincare.


Our sessions have given me the biggest insights I’ve ever had. They’re helping me see myself differently and make changes I’ve not been able to before.